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8300 Providence Rd. just south of the Arboretum and Hwy 51 (Pineville-Matthews Rd).  Map.

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- - - serving people wherever they are in the life cycle, whatever stage they are in, whatever their situation is.



+Relating Scripture to everyday life

+Enriching strong families

+Preventing future problems

+Intervening during points of crisis

+Bringing healing and peace through Jesus



A Healthy fun istock_000001568922xsmall.jpg

+Plans quality time together
+Communicates well

+Respects each member of the family

+Has family traditions

+Nurtures faith life

+Strengthens bonds

+Uses loving discipline

+Resolves conflicts lovingly

+Reaches out in service

+Has a support network



1. Present a Personal Christ - Jesus is the Savior of the world! And He's the Savior of YOUR world. Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Helping youth and families identify with a personal God goes beyond memorizing doctrinal statements. It involves a life that is changed by God's love and develops the daily response to His love in our actions and our service toward those to whom we reach out.

2. Teach a Grace Orientation - We believe that living under God's grace means we believe what God has done FOR us and promises to do FOR us - not a life trying to gain acceptance by our "good life." If a grace-oriented relationship with God is not modeled and taught in the home, the tendency of children and youth is to see Christianity as a religion of expectations, demands or requirements.

3. Teach Parents How to Pray with Their Children - Children learn to pray best when they pray with their primary caregivers and experience firsthand that prayer is a valued spiritual discipline.

4. Teach Moral Responsibility - Developing morally responsible youth and adults is vital. Society's messages that emphasize self-gratification and self-enhancement have given us disastrous results. We need to be intentional with respect to raising young people with strong morals and model this behavior to them.

5. Welcome Ethnic Diversity - By the year 2020, one out of two Americans will be from an ethnic minority. From then on, the minority group will be those who previously have been the white majority. Children, youth and families need to anticipate this day by learning how to welcome into their friendships and fellowship those who come from other cultures and ethnic groups.

6. Involve Youth in Service - Developing a service orientation in faith-focused Christian education is important for many reasons. Serving others follows Christ's example. Serving others is an attitude that "goes against the societal current." And service often develops valuable leadership skills.

7. Involve Youth in Mission Outreach - Mission is a step beyond service in that it also reaches out with a gospel message. It involves communicating a concern that others may come to believe in Jesus Christ. Service and mission are often the "connect" that brings young people's faith alive. This is true for families as well.

8. Teach Christian Rituals - In partnership with the home, a Christian education program should provide training for adults in the rituals and traditions of the Christian community and should teach them how to create family traditions of faith for the home.


WOW! - that's a packed list of key components. I hope you're saying to yourself that you see many of these elements already at work in Messiah's programs. There are many good things happening in our church that need to be celebrated!


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