Amanda Henkel



Amanda Henkel

Greater Europe Mission, Italy



In February of 2005 Amanda was appointed by Greater Europe Mission as a missionary to Italy. She will partner with Michael and Sherri Carlson, Amy Williams, Kevin and Shellie Rees and Italian Church leaders in the Province of Viterbo located above Rome. Currently our team works with 2 churches in this Province. These churches are located in the towns of Monterosi and Montefiascone. The Monterosi church planted the Montefiascone church and is looking forward to planting a new church in a neighboring town.



My ministry will include:

  • Evangelism to Italians, especially youth
  • Discipleship
  • Bible studies
  • Training and equipping Italian believers
  • Assisting Italian Churches
  • Teaching English to build relationships with Italian youth
  • Church-planting ministries


Why Europe?.... Why Now?

  • Europe has a great Spiritual need
  • Europe is an economic and political powerhouse
  • Europe is now open to the gospel in former communist countries
  • Europe has many unreached people groups within reach.

Europe is the least evangelized continent in the world today. People think of Africa and Asia as mission fields, but not Europe. Yet Europe is post-Christian with the majority of the continent having less than 1% bible believing Christians. The growth rates of the Church in Asia and Africa are more than 40% faster than the growth of the Church in Europe!

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