Some of Messiah’s missionaries operate under a system known as ‘faith support’, others are paid a monthly salary by the denomination under which they work, and some serve as volunteers. Messiah gives regular financial support to our faith support missionaries. We also encourage individual members to become financial partners with our missionaries to enable them to do the work to which God has called them.

What is faith support?

Most mission organizations do not pay salaries. Instead, the people who serve under them raise their own financial support to cover ministry expenses as well as their daily living expenses.

It is called ‘faith support’ because they trust God, by faith, to provide for their ministry and personal financial needs through churches and individuals who give regularly to their ministry.


How does it work?

The mission organization sets a monthly budget quota for each of its members. Then the members depend on God to provide for these financial needs through interested individuals and churches who agree to be financial partners for their ministry. Contributions are sent to the mission organization which handles the disbursement of funds for assessments, taxes, insurance and to the missionary’s personal account.


Most mission organizations give high priority to good stewardship and are members of financial accountability agencies such as Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). EFCA is an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public’s trust through adherence to Standards of Responsible Stewardship. All organizations under which Messiah’s faith support missionaries work belong to ECFA.  More information can be found on their website at


What’s included in the budget quota of “financial needs”?

Here’s a quick rundown with approximate percentages of budget.

Administrative assessment: varies by organization, but usually around 10%

Taxes & Social Security: 20% (Federal, state, employee and employer portions of social security)

Health insurance and retirement; workmen’s comp insurance: 10%

Ministry expenses: Equipment, supplies, and transportation related to ministry.

Costs for newsletters and communication with partners: printing, ink, postage, prayer cards, trips to visit churches and individuals, phone calls, etc.

Daily living expenses: housing, food, clothing, medical expenses, personal expenses, car maintenance, gas, etc. - all the things that are in your budgets, too.


Administrative assessment, taxes, and insurance are set monthly deductions. The missionary receives the remainder of the contributions designated for them to cover living and ministry expenses each month. That’s right…monthly income fluctuates depending on what is received and designated for them each month.


How can I be involved?

You can have an impact on outreach ministry around the world by giving financial support to a missionary. Without financial supporters they can not work in the missions ministry to which God has called them.

Contact the missionary directly to find out what their specific needs are and how to make contributions toward their ministry. You can make a difference!