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8300 Providence Rd. just south of the Arboretum and Hwy 51 (Pineville-Matthews Rd).  Map.

REACH Worship
OUR MISSION Reaching our community for Christ! It all starts with God and His grace. In that GRACE we respond by. Reaching UP - to God in worship. Reaching IN - to care for the needs of our faith community. Reaching OUT - to those who are far from God.
Worship Services

Greeters will welcome you as you arrive and answer any questions you might have. You are welcome to stop at the Welcome Center and pick up brochures, maps, and register for special events or opportunities.

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Worship is the center from which the rest of our Christian life flows. Inspiration, spiritual nourishment, participation in the sacraments, community belonging, intergenerational connections and intellectual challenge are all part of worship, but placing God first in genuine Spirit-filled worship is what we're about. If you would like to worship alongside others who are daily seeking to follow Jesus Christ, or if you just want to explore what Jesus might mean to you, please join us.

8:15am Traditional Worship - Our traditional service is liturgically based and includes music from the Lutheran liturgy as well as great hymns of the faith, led on the organ. We have adopted the new Lutheran Service Book in our worship. Each week we hear from God's Word in the message and learn how it pertains to us in our 21st century lives. Click here to see how other musical groups help lead this service.

9:30am Reach Worship - Our worship gathering for those who are just discovering the Christian faith is a blend of ancient and post-modern styles.  High tech, yet grounded on the Word of God, the music is contemporary and led by Promise Praise Band.  Children are welcome to join a Sunday School class after the first 15 minutes of Praise and Worship.  Reach 

11:00am Contemporary Worship  - Our services focus on authentically worshiping God with excellence and inspiring others to do so. The Contemporary service, led by the worship band Promise, is filled with spirited, uplifting, and thought provoking songs - some you may know from contemporary Christian radio and some which are original to Promise, written by the very creative pen of Bryan VanderHill. The Biblical message is the same as that given in the Traditional Worship.

Click here to see how other musical groups help lead these services.

Communion - Communion is offered at both the 8:15 and 11:00 services with few exceptions and at the 9:30 service every other Sunday.  You may choose to use the common cup, an individual cup, or intinction (dipping the wafer in the common cup). Children who have received training for their First Communion are invited to participate, younger children are invited to come forward with their parents and receive a blessing from the Pastor.


The Miracle of the Sacrament

The Scriptures teach and we believe that something unexplainable occurs between God and His people in the sharing of Holy Communion. In, with, and under the bread and wine, the Lord offers His Body and Blood to strengthen the faith of believing Christians. I Corinthians 10:16; 11:27 Those who receive the Sacrament in faith receive what Christ promised,"...the remission of sins." Matthew 26:28, John 6:53 - 58 We request that only those who accept and understand the following basic truths share with us in the privilege of the Sacrament.


+We need God's forgiveness for "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

+God in His love sent His Son to pay the price for our sins on the Cross, and the "blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanses us from all sin".

+True repentance from sin is a necessary part of proper preparation for the Sacrament as Scripture declares, "a man ought to examine himself before he eats the bread and drinks of the cup. For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself."

+Holy Communion is the tangible assurance that we have been forgiven for the Word promises, "the Body of Christ is given for you".

+The Risen Christ is Really Present in the Sacrament, and with the Bread and Wine we receive His True Body and Blood.

Communion Tips - Rail Communion: Communion flow starts at the front of the center railing. Please kneel as soon as you arrive at the railing. The first person to arrive at the railing is the first to leave the railing after being dismissed by the communion assistant. Individual cups (if chosen) may be left in baskets on the way back to your seat.

Line Communion: After receiving Christ's Body & Blood, the Altar railing is available for those who would like to spend some time in prayer prior to returning to their seats.

Ask an usher if you have any questions.

Register Your Attendance -

During worship, an attendance pad will be passed. We encourage you to fill out contact information so that we can pass on to you a packet of information about Messiah and some small gifts.

Special Needs - Please ask an usher for assistance

  • Handicapped Seating is available in designated areas in the sanctuary
  • Large Print Bulletins are available upon request
  • Hearing Assist headphones are available upon request
  • An Emergency Kit is located on the wall beside the men's restroom
Nursery -

is available during morning worship and during Sunday School for infants and children through age 2. The nursery is located down the educational wing in room #1. Parents are required to check in and out and pagers are available for parents who wish to remain in contact with the nursery.

Children -

are a vital part of our worship and we encourage them to participate. Activity bags are available at the entryway (ask a greeter if you need assistance) which contain quiet Biblical activites suited for preschool and early elementary ages. A children's bulletin is also available from the usher during the 8:15 service and every fifth Sunday, the children will be invited forward for a Children's Message. There is a Children's Message each Sunday during the 11:00 service in which the younger children are invited to the front of the sanctuary for a short message prepared just for them. It will often involve use of props or activities to reinforce the Biblical message. Upon conclusion, the children will be given a children's bulletin and those aged 3 to 5 will be encouraged to attend Children's Church, in the educational wing. Children will be ushered back to their parents prior to Holy Communion.


Messiah Lutheran Church is conveniently located at:img_0043.jpg

8300 Providence Rd. near the intersection with Pineville-Matthews Rd.
(Highway 51) by the Raintree subdivision.
Just South of the Arboretum Shopping Center North of I-485


Parking is located on both the north and south sides of the sanctuary. Handicapped parking has been designated at the south entrance, although both entries are wheelchair accessible.
New Member Class
If you are wondering how to become a member of Messiah Lutheran Church, you have come to the right place. We are excited that you may be considering joining the Messiah family.

For those interested in becoming members of Messiah, we offer special informational classes that will help you understand Messiah's vision and purpose along with presenting needs and opportunities with which you can become involved. There are two classes in connection with this "What Does It Mean To Be A Member Of Messiah" component. These two classes meet on consecutive Sundays during the Sunday School hour at 9:45 AM. The series of two classes is offered at least twice a year - in the fall (September-October) and in the winter (January-February). Anyone interested in becoming a member of Messiah is requested to attend these two classes.

For all those who are interested in joining Messiah AND who are from non-Lutheran background, we offer a series of classes to help you understand the teachings of the Christian faith in general and the Lutheran church in particular. These classes are a part of our Life Design Series that is intended to help all members of Messiah grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This series of around 8 classes is offered twice a year - once in the fall (beginning in September) and once in the winter (beginning in January or February). Everyone, whether member or non-member, Lutheran or non-Lutheran, is invited to participate in these classes.

FILL OUT  THE INFORMATION BELOW and submit it to our Webmaster and we will be contacting you shortly.  Or you may choose to let us know of your interest by filling out the Attendance Forms that are passed down the pew each Sunday.  You may also speak directly to the Pastor.

Spiritual Resources

Frequently Asked Questions as recorded by the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod

Read what others have asked in regard to important issues of faith and life. Ask your questions and receive well thought out biblical answers.

Searchable Bible  

This website has 50 plus Bible translations in a host of different languages that can be searched in a variety of different ways: by verse, word or sentence, topic and more. There are also reading programs and other devotional helps.

Daily Devotions

This website maintained by Lutheran Hour Ministries has a daily devotional that is thoughtful, timely and meaningful.

Concordia Publishing House

If you wish to search for meaningful resources to purchase, Concordia Publishing House is likely to have what you are looking for.

Click here for an extensive list of resources.


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